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Easy Ragu (Bolognese)

Everyone has a "Spag Bol" recipe they can cook with their eyes closed. This is my preferred recipe developed over the years to suit my own tastes. It is a very rich, slightly sweet recipe that is quite thick, chunky, and filling. It has maximum flavour and while not authentic because of pre prepared tomato bases, it is enough for me and all those who have come to adore my sauce. It is extremely adaptable and can be tuned in many different ways, such as olives, bacon, eggplant, chorizo and a multitude of other ways. Take this as it is and adapt as you please.


Rum Butter Baked Bosque Pears in White Chocolate Sauce

This is my own creation. Its more or less made up and I have no idea if there is something similar.



The Japanese have an afinity for sweet breads, and while for the most part they are very tasty, I wouldn't recommend making them for regular eating. However as a treat for the kids, they will polish this off very quickly


Anpan (Anko Paste Buns)

A typically Japanese fare, sweet buns filled with an equally sweet Anko paste. These are an easy bun to make, and as always the dough is quite useful for other varieties, including the infamous Melonpan (a biscuit topped sweet bun - named for the look, not the taste) which I will be making sometime in the future.


Azuki Bean (Anko) Paste

While not visually appealing on its own, Azuki Bean Paste, Red Bean Paste or Anko Paste is a common ingredient in many asian cuisines, from China, through Korea and into Japan, you will find this bean paste used in a multitude of ways from savoury stir fries, to sweet buns. With a little effort you can make your own fresh bean paste which is far superior to anything you buy in a can or reconstitute with water.


Chocolate Cream Profiteroles

Profiteroles, one of those French pastries many people adore yet are too scared to attempt. The only special utensil that is essential is a piping bag, and even chef quality bags are cheap ($10au) so there is no excuse not to have one (or three). With muscles you won't need a mixer, but I would recommend one.


Shiitake Mushroom Risotto

A creamy risotto on a cool autumn evening is a hearty way to relax and enjoy the cooler evenings. Many people are terrified of making these thinking they are too hard, when the hardest part is standing next to the stove. Take your time and learn the signs and you can be on your way to making a wide variety of risotto dishes, they are extremely versatile.


Pumpkin, Leek and Fetta Quiche

A quiche is a very filling (although somewhat unhealthy) lunchtime favourite. They take on many forms and as my goal is always flavour, mine tend to be somewhat ... unhealthy (gee, really?).


Decadent Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mouse, what could be a more decadent desert than eggs, chocolate and cream. Not much really, so throw them together the right way and you can enjoy inhaling chocolate air, and I will now tell you a foolproof way to do this.