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Brioche Loaf

The brioche is a very rich bread, famed for being the subject of Marie Antoinette's famous line "Let them eat cake" (though this is not actually true). It is a very high hydration dough based around a massive component of butter, it is certainly not a bread you enjoy on a whim, however when coupled with some poached eggs, ham, and hollandaise sauce, it becomes the backdrop of an impressive lunch.

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Italian Ciabatta

The Ciabatta, this little bread is amazing for a whole range of purposes. While not completely authentic, the end result is a fantastic bread that is amazing to enjoy with simply butter, or the whole snobby EVOO and a nice aged balsamic from Modena. This recipe absolutely requires a strong mixer, if you don't have one, don't bother attempting this, or if your mixer is a hand held, or cost less than $600 you will quite possibly burn it out as well.

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Beskuit (South African Rusks)

Somewhat of a challenge was presented to me, a coworker from South Africa introduced me to the "staple" snack from South Africa. The Beskuit as far as I can tell is a dehydrated enriched bread (think of beskuit to bread as biltong to meat) although quite sweet, it is a very moreish and understandably popular. After spending some time online looking at recipes, this is my take on things. I hope it works out.

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Chocolate (from nibs)

Don't Bother.

Simple as that. To make chocolate from scratch you need cacao beans (or to skip a step, nibs) which you roast, then pulverise to make a cocoa liquor, to which you add milk, sugar, and flavours in varying amounts to suit tastes.

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Kids Treats

Sometimes kids need to have their tastes catered to, and often its much cheaper to make their lunch treats than it is to buy the commercial type. These rice crispies are a very cheap (and amazingly quick) way to pad out their lunch box with some garbage that all kids need to fit in with their peers.

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Doughnuts (my way)

Doughnuts are the antithesis of all nutritionists worldwide, and with absolute delight I present my own doughnut recipe that will surely result in nothing but entertainment for your mouth. My doughnuts aren't the soft cakey flakey doughnut people tend to expect, unlike most I prefer to develop the gluten so that a chewier more textured doughnut is produced. I also hate stuffing around with the whole "hole" thing so I just make doughnut balls which can be filled any number of ways, from injecting jellys and creams, to cutting them open and toasting them (honestly, its quite a surprising taste) and adding a dollop of cream and  strawberry jam for a twist on the devonshire tea.


Crêpe Suzette

Ze French Crêpe Suzette, this desert (which I must say, makes a wonderful breakfast if you need the calories) is a staple of many fine restaurants. A little pretentious, but an otherwise amazing cooking experience. The crepes (as the saying goes) must be fine and lace like in appearance, the sauce must be thick and sweetly orange. Grand Marnier and Brandy are essential to finalise these flavours, some prefer a little white curaçao and kirsch, but I prefer the simplicity.


Prune and Walnut Log (Pastilla Nash Clone) 1st Attempt

This is addictive stuff, very useful in platters and the likes, and only recently did I begin to consume myself with trying to crack the recipe. This is the first attempt of many at replicating the Pastilla Nash recipe for Prune and Walnut Log.

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The Queens Pea and Ham Soup

This soup is fit for British Royalty, the humble pea and ham soup. I don't like this the "normal" way thrown on a stove and boiled to death, or left in a crock pot to wither away and die ... mine takes a little more care and attention, but the end result as you would see is more than worth the effort.

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My Weakness

This isn't a recipe as such, but it is definitely one thing that I will cancel plans to ensure I don't miss out on. I am working on replicating the recipe for the Pastilla Nash, but I am still a ways off unfortunately, however once I crack it, rest assured this will be where you will find it (eventually).

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