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Semolina Focaccia

When you want a fresh simple bread to tear and snack on, few can beat the humble focaccia. This recipe includes Semolina flour to improve flavour and texture and make it a little moreish.



The oft overlooked Pizza has a recipe I hold dear. This is not something you can throw together on a whim as it takes time to get the biga/sponge in order before you can make the dough, which is critical to the end product. This recipe is actually a 2 in 1, there is the sauce and the dough. The sauce needs to be made about 2 to 3 days before the pizzas are made in order to develop the flavour, while the dough gets underway 7 days before the pizzas are to be cooked.


Home Made Grenadine

Something simple for a change. Grenadine is a mainstay that should be in every liquor cabinet. From the kids Shirly Temples through to the modern version of the Tequila Sunrise. Its a simple syrup with a pomegranate twist and once you make it at home you will never bother buying the pre-made stuff ever again.

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Mungalli Creek Dairy – Gorgonzola Gnocchi

It is not often that I am literally blown away by a food discovery, however on a recent photography day out I had to (finally) stop in at the dairy that produces the milk I drink religiously. Mungalli Creek Dairy on the Atherton Tablelands a 10 minute drive south of Milla Milla on the Palmerston Highway was hiding a little secret that I am completely thrilled about finally discovering.


Cinnamon Scrolls with Blue Cheese Icing

This one is a little different, your typical cinnamon scroll is finished with either a cream cheese, or vanilla icing ... rather plain, so I decided to have a play with blue cheese and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

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