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Masoor Dal

And so begins a journey into "eastern" foods, I am slowly moving away from the european staples and instead learning about eastern influences and exploring their finer points. And to that end, today I am throwing together an Indian staple, which is the Masoor Dal, or red lentil curry. This is an amazing vegan dish that I haven't had for a few years now, its best made on weekends and portioned out for lunches during the week. Enjoy with some fresh crusty bread.


Orange and Ginger Ale Cake

Now this is my take on a commonly themed cake out there (Orange and Ginger Cake). The batter is quite runny before baking, so be prepared to rethink your way of doing things somewhat. The final cake has that spicy ginger flavour, with the sweet tangy orange finish, the roughage is provided by walnuts and raisins. It is a very densely finished cake so you don't need much to fully enjoy it.


Mint Slice Macarons

This is my first attempt at a french pastry staple, the humble macaron. I have to admit, this being my first ever attempt I was quite surprised at both how easy, and at the same time how finicky these little beasts really are. I must give kudos to Not So Humble Pie for some science to help kick me off. From here it will be a fun ride perfecting these little treats.

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