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Malt Loaf – “Soreen Style”

I quite enjoy the English "Soreen" Malt Loaf with raisins, it is very moreish and one of my favourite breads to enjoy toasted with lashings of butter. The genuine loaf is very sticky and tasty, I can only hope that this recipe does justice to this wonderful bread.

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Pumpkin Soup

(my plating skills haven't improved at all)

This is one of those staple recipes that anyone can make, and can scale effectively because its all about ratios in its simplest form. So the ingredient list will be a little weird this time. Also, the photos won't be up for a while because I am typing this recipe out before I begin making it.


Chestnut Ciabatta

It was with a bit of luck that I managed to find a pack of chestnut flour from Epicurean Gold. They normally supply it to a particular unnamed island, however that island is not currently operating ... so, there it was on the shelf and now in my cupboard. The flour itself is quite tasty, the characteristic sweet nutty flavour that lends itself ideally to chestnut gnocchi, being the baker I am I decided to stick to a staple and instead make a ciabatta which I expect will work well. I have yet to find anywhere else in Cairns to find this, so I am sure if enough people encourage Epicurean Gold to continue stocking it, they will.


Aloo Jeera

This curry potato dish from India is a wonderful way of enjoying this starchy tuber. Serve with a nice fragrant rice and you are set for a wonderful vegetarian meal. This is a very easy curry to make, you can use the ground variant of the spices if you so with, but the whole seeded spices add an extra oomph which makes it quite enjoyable.