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Choc Caramel Fudge Brownies

These brownies aren't your "cake" style brownies, they are more fudgelike due to the high sugar content, but so damn tasty you can't say no. Use the salted russian caramels in the previous recipe for an extra level of awesome. They are dead simple to make so no excuses.


Salted Russian Caramels

The Russian Caramel, a staple in many sweet tooth's repertoires. This has a slight twist on it in that it will be finished with a sprinkle of sea salt before being chopped up finely for use in a later recipe.

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Eggs Benedict (from scratch)

There are few breakfasts as tasty as Eggs Benedict, and for those really special occasions taking the extra effort to make the whole thing from scratch can add an extra dimension that is rarely found in most cafe and restaurant breakfasts that most often use mass produced muffins and hollandaise sauces to finish the dish.


Poaching An Egg – Video

Poaching an egg using traditional methods is really very simple, many people are daunted by it but shouldn't be, the egg is a wonderful thing and it will take care of itself, just follow the simple tips in the video.


Hollandaise Sauce – Video

The Hollandaise sauce is a sauce that should be in everyone's repertoire, its an ideal savoury sauce and essential for completing the famous Eggs Benedict breakfast. It also forms the base of further sauces such as the Béarnaise, Dijon and Maltaise sauces. It is notoriously difficult but only if you are impatient. If you get the temperature of your double boiler right from the start, its very simple to complete.


English Muffins

While not the sweet American muffin many enjoy, the English Muffin is a staple in so many breakfasts, one famous example being the Eggs Benedict (more coming on this one in later weeks). Don't  be daunted, like any bread these are very easy to make if you take the time.


No Recipe Day

No recipes today, instead I share with you a weekend of food exploration. White anchovies, unpasteurized cheese, and some buffalo mozzarella.