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Talavou Cocktail

The Talavou is the latest incarnation of my sour/tangy cocktail recipe, originally named the "Sea Change", later changed to "Smack In The Head" due to its effects, and finally with this variation, it has been given the name Talavou which is "beautiful" in Tongan. This is very much a summer cocktail designed for the tropics to be enjoyed slowly, as drinking it too fast will result in feeling like you have just been smacked in the head.

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Sourdough Science


Sourdough is quite a fickle beast, I have a genuine love hate relationship with it, due to living in Cairns sourdoughs can sometimes be a little hard to take care of, especially with our high humidity that has a very high flourish of mould which can quickly infect and destroy the sourdough culture. I have once again succumbed to the sirens call and will now be approaching the sourdough with the intent on developing a hardy sourdough that can fend off the local nasties and grow up nice and strong.

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The Breakfast Experience

Some breakfasts can be a chore, and no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to put in the effort to make a tasty breakfast. While not very popular in Australia in favour of the rolled variety, Steel Cut Oats shouldn't be overlooked especially if you take the effort to find them. You should be able to get them from most organic or health food shops, however buying in bulk online is arguably the best way. In Cairns I know Neils Organics sells them so start there if you aren't sure.