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Quick Brioche

A recent meal at Black by Ezard I was reminded of how much I love a well crafted brioche. Black by Ezard serve their brioche in a mini loaf with some unsalted butter and what I call "gunpowder salt" which was what appeared to be a jet black salt in granule form similar to gunpowder pellets. The salt was a very mild flavour unlike your more mineral salts which can be quite strong. This is my homage to the brioche I enjoyed at Black.


Sourdough Use & Care

Now that you have a nice healthy sourdough starter, how do you use it and keep maintaining it? Well if you bake bread daily you would never need to store it in the fridge, and for those with the time and the diet to support this, its the best way to keep your sourdough going. However if you bake weekly or longer then storing in the fridge is the best way to do this. In this post I will cover a basic recipe and use/storage techniques.

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