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Cold Brew Coffee – My Method

I quite enjoy the cold brew coffee, no milk, no sugar, just straight filtered. The flavours you get from this method make it a fantastic way to enjoy coffee over the hot months, and shouldn't be discounted so quickly. I would only take up to a medium roast on this method, as darker roasts tend to impart a bitterness which can make it unpleasant, so persist in finding a night light roast and you will be rewarded with a pleasantly complex flavour.

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Beyond Espresso – or – Coffee Snobbery 101

Too often I meet people that decry how hard it is to make good coffee at home, when asked why, they begin to discuss how expensive coffee machines are ($200 isn't expensive, believe me). When I ask their preferred style of coffee it is almost always latte and cappuccino styles (heavy on the milk, and often sugar).

Now, the rest of this is pretty much an opinion piece so if you disagree with me, then thats clearly your right, and you're welcome to your own opinion, however before you rake me over the coals, please, try following my advice a little and experience something that you may not ordinarily otherwise try.