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Cold Brew Coffee – My Method

I quite enjoy the cold brew coffee, no milk, no sugar, just straight filtered. The flavours you get from this method make it a fantastic way to enjoy coffee over the hot months, and shouldn't be discounted so quickly. I would only take up to a medium roast on this method, as darker roasts tend to impart a bitterness which can make it unpleasant, so persist in finding a night light roast and you will be rewarded with a pleasantly complex flavour.

What you need:

  • 30g Medium/Coarse Grind Coffee
  • 500ml Cold Water

Yeah, that's it.

So what grind do I use? Well, see the pic below for an idea. Its what I call a 1mm grind because most of the grinds almost perfectly fit in the 1mm gap of a ruler. I this case I am using Five Senses back room "Kenyan French Mission, Natural Process - Filter Roast" coffee. This is a Bourbon varietal and is a good starting point for most people venturing into single origin coffee.

IMGL0999 IMGL1005


Okay, so once you have your 30g of fresh ground coffee, add the 500ml of cold water to it, give it a quick stir to liven things up, cover it and put it back in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours. I wouldn't let it sit longer than 24 hours or the bitterness could take over and make it unpleasant.

IMGL1007 IMGL1009 IMGL1010

When the time is up, filter the coffee through a fine coffee filter (I personally use a fine Able Disk coffee filter in an Aeropress) and enjoy over ice. Add milk and sugar to suit your tastes, but to really experience coffee at its finest, try and learn to enjoy coffee naturally without anything added (except water).

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