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Yumurtali Ispanak – Turkish Spinach and Egg

While this is not an authentic recreation (it omits minced beef/lamb) it is certainly a very tasty breakfast that is quick and easy to throw together. It can be made in any number of variations, and is really only limited by your imagination. Served on top of a slice of toasted crusty bread, or if you are watching your carbohydrate intake, plain on a plate, you can't go wrong.


Quick Frittata

Whats the difference between a frittata and an omelette? Essentially the frittata has everything mixed in before cooking, while an omelette has the filling ingredients folded in later, either way this is a low carb and healthy (as long as you aren't cholesterol watching) meal.

Serves 2


The Breakfast Experience

Some breakfasts can be a chore, and no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to put in the effort to make a tasty breakfast. While not very popular in Australia in favour of the rolled variety, Steel Cut Oats shouldn't be overlooked especially if you take the effort to find them. You should be able to get them from most organic or health food shops, however buying in bulk online is arguably the best way. In Cairns I know Neils Organics sells them so start there if you aren't sure.


Eggs Benedict (from scratch)

There are few breakfasts as tasty as Eggs Benedict, and for those really special occasions taking the extra effort to make the whole thing from scratch can add an extra dimension that is rarely found in most cafe and restaurant breakfasts that most often use mass produced muffins and hollandaise sauces to finish the dish.


Poaching An Egg – Video

Poaching an egg using traditional methods is really very simple, many people are daunted by it but shouldn't be, the egg is a wonderful thing and it will take care of itself, just follow the simple tips in the video.


Hollandaise Sauce – Video

The Hollandaise sauce is a sauce that should be in everyone's repertoire, its an ideal savoury sauce and essential for completing the famous Eggs Benedict breakfast. It also forms the base of further sauces such as the Béarnaise, Dijon and Maltaise sauces. It is notoriously difficult but only if you are impatient. If you get the temperature of your double boiler right from the start, its very simple to complete.


English Muffins

While not the sweet American muffin many enjoy, the English Muffin is a staple in so many breakfasts, one famous example being the Eggs Benedict (more coming on this one in later weeks). Don't  be daunted, like any bread these are very easy to make if you take the time.


Brioche au Fromage


The cheese bread is a fantastic savoury bread to enjoy, while it may take a little extra work to complete the results are always fantastic. This is your typical brioche dough that is modified with a little gruyère cheese for that earthy nutty flavour.


Semolina Focaccia

When you want a fresh simple bread to tear and snack on, few can beat the humble focaccia. This recipe includes Semolina flour to improve flavour and texture and make it a little moreish.



Its nearly Christmas, and if you live in the northern hemisphere eggnog is a given. This is a very simple recipe which anyone can follow and can be scaled according to your needs. This can still be enjoyed in the southern hemisphere chilled, but make sure you make it hot first to ensure the bacteria in the eggs are killed off.