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Christmas Pizza

Pizza isn't common "Christmas" fare in most places, least of all my own, however this year I got a little sick of the usual kitchen dramas and instead wanted to focus on something a little simper that tastes great, but doesn't require much in the way of effort leaving more time for family and fun.


Pulled Pork with Smoked Monkey Gland Sauce

Now this is a bit of a twist on your typical Christmas fare, but a very tasty one none the less. It will be very popular with the blokes and the kids. The pulled pork is a typical "Southern" (Cajun) recipe while the Monkey Gland sauce is a South African favourite. I recently enjoyed this sauce with BBQ Spare Ribs and was blown away.



Today we will be doing something a little more complex that the typical bread baking and instead delve into the complex Italian Panettone a festive enriched bread that is sweet and fruity and fantastic all on its own or dipped into custard or whatever other "inglese" method you like, the bottom line is enjoy it.



Its nearly Christmas, and if you live in the northern hemisphere eggnog is a given. This is a very simple recipe which anyone can follow and can be scaled according to your needs. This can still be enjoyed in the southern hemisphere chilled, but make sure you make it hot first to ensure the bacteria in the eggs are killed off.


Rum Butter Baked Bosque Pears in White Chocolate Sauce

This is my own creation. Its more or less made up and I have no idea if there is something similar.


Perfect Roast Pork & Crackling

A roast pork, for those who enjoy it, its a holy grail of Sunday dinners. Apple sauce, crispy crackling, salty meat, all joined by roast vegetables and some crusty bread. The thing is, most people have trouble with this relatively simple dish. I hope my tips will improve your Sunday meals.