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Slow Food & Organics

The slow food and organic movements have a rich association with "alternative" lifestylers. This should no longer be considered a given. Most of my ingredients where possible are sourced locally (direct from the farm preferably) and where possible organically produced.

For instance, I refuse to use anything other than organic free range eggs, this one of the primary reasons why my eggs are often a rich yellowy orange in colour and not pale and pasty coloured like most eggs. They always have a thick fresh albumen and the end flavour is intense and rewarding. I personally use the Stockman or Pace brand organic freerange (Eco Egg).

Vanilla and fruits are similarly sourced locally and organically and I am currently trying to source a number of butchers who do organic farmed meats. Milk is another I am trying to obtain (Raw please).

The Cairns region is bountiful when it comes to organic products, however a little work is often involved in order to locate the best prouce. Rustys Markets always has a fresh selection (it pays to shop around, not all stalls sell local produce, much is brought up from southern centers)

In all, if you take the time to learn where to buy local organic produce then you will be rewarded with significantly improved flavours and take the time to prepare and enjoy your meals.

I am a proud supporter of local organics (though most of the stores I visit wouldn't know it) and the slow food movement is something I hold dear.

Without a doubt, in Cairns the first place you should go for genuine organics is Community Foods in Spence Street next door to Fasta Pasta.

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